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Čakre, meridijani

Healer, shiatsu master, certified therapist, Dubravka Jurkovic is the only person I Croatia who uses PIP camera in her work. PIP is an uniquie invention my Dr Harry Oldfield (LINKA NA HARRYJEVU STRANICU), Bristish scientist and inventor who had been dealing with recordinga dna balancing human energy fields for more than 20 years.

Bad psychological and physical states are sign of blocked energy streams which maniefst as changes in body’s chemistry. Dubravka’s treatments, which combine her powerful bio energy with her knowledge of ayurveda, reflexology, manual therapy, shiatsu, aromatherapy, macrobiotics, NLP, classical chinese medicine and western medicine are holistic and include nutritional counseling with the purpose of change in body chemistry and thus change in physiology and psychology.

In severe cases of human energy field disturbance which manifested itself on the physical body as desease, Dubravka treats the client with her healing energy, confirmed and documented at Harry Oldfield’s seminar in Munich and PIP usage training in Birmingham in 2010.

Before and after healing, Dubravka Jurkovic and her associates record client’s energy field using PIP, so as to gain insight into the state of the energy field as well as to follow the effects of healing by recording the change in the energy field effected during and after the healing.