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PIP camera

PIP camera

Humans have an energy field believed to be generated by small but important energy vortices called CHAKRAS. Chakras are connected via various systems which include MERIDIANS, shown as lines and points. All the combined energy systems produce energy emanations which are sometimes called AURA or OUTER ENERGY FIELD.

PIP system is an optical digital process which registers light interference on and around a human subject e.i. in his / her energy field.

Photons which bounce off a person pass thru his / her energy field TWICE – once upon entering a person’s energy field and once upon exiting it. Interference thus caused is detected and interpreted by the PIP software developed by Dr. Harry Oldfield (see


In the last 100 years a number of systems have been developed in search and detection of the human energy field (HEF). Probably the first who have acquired a visual proof of subtle energy fields are Simon and Valentine Kirlian with their widely known experiments with PHANTOM LEAF in 1940s.

PIP is similar to Kirlian in that it enables “indirect” interpretation of the HEF. However, while in Kirlian’s photography picture is generated via electric discharge, in PIP picture is a visualization of photon interaction with the subtle energies of the HEF.


Scanning the client with PIP enables the doctor or healer to assess the client’s energy field which leads to better understanding of his / her health trajectory. Areas of good health are shown in a mixture of light, luminous, balanced and harmonious patterns, symmetries and colors while sick and stressed areas are shown as distorted, dark and congested puddles or leaks of energy. For PIP scan the client shall have to remove his/ her clothes for a few minutes. White underwear without any patterns may be worn. All jewelry has to be removed. These conditions enable PIP to discover reflections off the client’s body without the interference of clothes’ fabric. Client should relax and breathe normally. While scanning lasts, client should remain still.


PIP energy field scan shows areas of good health and areas of stress on physical and on energy body. Physical, psychological or energy distresses can be found. Colors can be coherent, vital, vibrant, light and bright when a person is healthy or they can be spotty, dispersed, muddled, stained, dark, burnt or pale when a person is not healthy.

Chakras, acupuncture points, meridians and banding are most important aspects of the PIP scan, but there are also other factors.

PIP shows changes in health by recording “before” and “after” shots. They are used not only to show changes in health but also to motivate patients, visitors and clients to change in nutritional habits and lifestyle which will result in clearer, brighter and less congested energy field.