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Shiatsu masage

Shiatsu masage
Shiatsu is energy massage technique in which therapist uses her or his fingers (mainly thumb) and palm of his / her hand to apply pressure to certain body parts in order to balance body’s energies so as to help maintain health or aid healing.

Person receiving the treatment is given an opportunity to enter states in which she or he can perceive the world with eyes wide open, more wholesome, with more understanding, compassion and tolerance. Pressure as base of shiatsu technique also aids and encourages self-healing mechanisms in the body.

Although movements and pressures used in shiatsu are subtle, the technique is energetically very strong. Shiatsu facilitates better funcitoning of the internal organs, and body is encouraged to activate its natural capability to stop deseases, i.e to heal itself. Careful stimulation of certain points of the body influences all systems of the receipient, especially digestive, nervous, circulatory, skeletal, endocrine and muscle systems.

By touch, which is sensibilized thru experience, shiatsu therapist can ascertain irregularities in organ function, body temperature and energy flow. Shiatsu renews body’s own potentials, from energetic to physical level.

Shiatsu leaves recipient feeling elaxed, joyful and rested. Although this form of massage does not burn calories, applied regularly it can reshape the body as it firms the muscles, increases flexibility of the body and makes skin appear firmer and more radiant.

Ragular shiatsu effects evident physical and mental improvements. It aids a person to love a fuller more meaningful life, to feel deeper connection to self and others, to take responisibility for own life, follow inner guidance, be more direct in relations to others and be closer to her / his own source.

Dubravka Jurković has been working shiatsu for more than ten years and has a Master title. For clients with no accute health problema or distorsions of the energy field, regular shiatsu treatments (once a month) are ideal way of maintaining energy balance and physical health.